Quality Control and R&D

Quality control is the key point for each production steps: from milk intake and all the way through to the finished product. All road tanks coming to Valcolatte to deliver milk undergo a strict tests for antibiotics before downloading. We make further chemical and physical analysis (on Ph, moisture, fat content etc.) during production phases and on the finished product. Moreover we make micro analysis on the water used for production (cooling water, brine etc.). Operators are constantly trained about hygienic standards and correct behavior to adopt during their working shift and we check their working condition to avoid any external contamination.

Our Laboratories

Our laboratory is equipped with modern infrared equipment. We can operate a lot of rapid tests on fat content, proteins, moisture, chlorides, thus enabling a more accurate live control on production.

  • Micro analysis
  • Chemical/Physical analysis
  • Sensory analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Training and monitoring